…be my guest (Sung in the tone of lumier)

Welcome to the “SNB Virtual Supper Club“

an inspired & interactive “at-home” dining experience highlighting the beauty of gathering while social distancing...

Dining in a time of crisis...

We all are feeling the affects of the recent crisis that has hit our city, nation & world...impacting our everyday practices, including participating in dining & gatherings..

I’m on a mission to help bring a little joy & a lot of love back to my local community by providing services to fit the needs of those who are looking to reconnect with themselves & others through food...

As a supper club memeber, you you will have the delight in receiving a weekly “pop up” care package delivered “contact-free” to your home. Where you will enjoy...capture & share your experience, virtually, & with other fellow “in-home” diners using the hashtag #SNBvirtualsupperclub & #SNBCarepackage

Remember just because we’re all stuck at home doesn’t mean we aren’t all in this together. The beauty of social distancing is that we have the opportunity to flatten the curve and make a huge impact on our local & global society...doing it in health & happiness only makes it that much better..

So follow along with me and other food-loving individuals as we dine..celebrate & share

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