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Q- "How many people can you serve?"

A-"Quality over quantity" is my general rule of thumb. 

Taking into consideration the high quality ingredients & amount of detail/labor (literally making as much as i can from scratch) I put into each bite, plate, & board, I want to be sure to give you the best of the best!

This will be better accomplished and accommodated within a more intimate crowd.    

This theory applies to not just the food I prepare but also the amount of guest(s) in attendance. From a "Date Night In" for 2 to a cocktail hour for up to 80, my boutique catering style is designated to serve the more "intimate" occasions. If you're looking to feed 100+ people plated/passed, then I'm not the right chef for you. However, I'm happy to send you referrals to some other amazing local chefs and companies that I know ;) 



Q.- "Do you have a minimum?"


A- Depending on your event size & menu, I do require a minimum before booking. I'm happy to discuss pricing once we have initiated the booking process!   


Q-"What forms of Payments do you take?"

A-I accept payments through Quickbooks Invoicing or CHECK.

20 % *Gratuity included

*Please note that when dining out, it is custom to ALWAYS tip at least (20%) or more if you're feeling really generous





We live and we are constantly learning occasion is a duplicate of the other so please allow patience for flexibility and understanding... Be sure to check back for updates, more answered questions, and better yet



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